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Top Must-Visit Beaches and Best Accommodations on Geoje Island for Your Next Korean Getaway

Updated: May 2

Welcome to your ultimate guide to the top beaches and stays on Geoje Island! If you're on the haunt for the best beach spots and places to stay on Geoje Island, you've come to the right place! Explore the finest beaches and recommendations for where to stay in Geoje to make the most of your Korean adventure. Be sure to check out my previous posts highlighting Geoje's top attractions and the stunning Oedo Botania.

Wahyeon Beach - 와현해수욕장
Wahyeon Beach



While it might not be widely known, Wahyeon Beach is my number one pick! If you crave a quiet beach retreat, far from the hustle and bustle, this is your best choice. This beach is literally tucked away with not much noise and crowds. Within a two-minute stroll from the beach, you'll find plenty of cozy pensions with all the comforts you need. This beach is perfect for families and groups of friends. There are also lots of beach and water activities that you can do. There are only a few cafes, convenience stores, and restaurants, but it's totally worth it! Last summer, I spent a weekend gataway here, and I loved going for swims in the early morning before starting the day with not so many people around and super clean water! Plus, with the departing dock for Oedo Botania nearby, it's very convenient.

In the evening, the atmosphere is lovely and quiet, with people strolling on the beach, and small fireworks!

Where to stay in Wahyeon Beach?  Oedo Tour Pension: When searching for a accommodation on Geoje, my focus was on finding a pension near the beach. Ultimately, I choose Wahyeon Beach for its nestled and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a weekend escape.This is the pension where I stayed. My room was on the second floor, clean and comfortable. This accommodation was only a few minutes away from the beach, beautiful location!  Red Praha Pension Friemily Pool Villa & Hotel  Hotel Riviera Geoje

GUJORA BEACH - 구조라해수욕장

Gujora Beach is really close to Wahyeon Beach, only 1-2 km away. On the second morning, I decided to check it out for a swim, but when I got there, I found myself missing the cozy vibe in Wahyeon beach. Gujora is a big beach, with plenty of parking for cars and places to stay nearby, but it felt there wasn't much else around. However, it offers space for beach activities and relaxation.

Where to stay in Gujora Beach?  Arasol Pension • Oneday In Geoje Pension


Hakdong Mongdol Beach is perfect if you're looking for rocky shores. This beach is also the most famous beach in Geoje. Instead of sand, Hakdong is covered in small pebbles, so be careful when you step on them! While swimming might not be the main thing to do here, there are plenty of restaurants nearby where you can grab a bite to eat, enjoy the unique rocky scenery, relax and walk near the beach. It's a great spot to enjoy a different beach landscape!

Where to stay in Hakdong Mongdol Beach? Capri Hakdong Pension

--- When booking your stay, it's essential to plan ahead as last-minute availability is scarce. I went to Geoje in early August and everything was almost fully booked 2 weeks before!

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