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Discover the Beauty of Oedo Botania, Geoje - Your Ultimate Travel Guide to this Enchanting Island

South Korea has many islands that can be visited, yet Oedo Botania (외도 보타니아) is the most amazing one to see. This Oedo Botania island travel guide is your key to unlocking the secrets of this South Korean paradise! Imagine an island transformed into a botanical paradise boosting over 3000 plant species from around the globe. This makes Oedo Botania not just a garden, but a living, breathing piece of art, an eco-tourism wonder that draws visitors from everywhere.

View of Venus Garden and Greek Pavilion - Oedo Island

Are you excited to see this amazing place?

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PLANNING YOUR TRIP TO OEDO ISLAND Here you'll find all information related to:


The island was purchased in the late 1960s by a Korean couple, named Lee Chang-ho and Choi Ho-sook. Originally, they envisioned growing tangerines and raising pigs on the island, but both ventures failed. Afterwards, they decided to transform a simple island into a floral masterpiece. The couple worked hard for nearly two decades, from 1976 to 1994, to realize their vision. Their dedication and hard work resulted into the creation of South Korea's most breathtaking botanical garden. Finally, in 1995, Oedo Botania opened to the public, and since then, this beautiful island welcomed over 20 million visitors.


Oedo Botania is a treasure of over 3000 plant species from South Korea and other parts of the world, including exotic subtropical varieties. From the flora, beautiful sculptures to the Greek Pavilion, Venus Garden, Hill of Love, Eden Church, Breakwater and Lighthouse of Hope, this island is decorated with something new and stunning in every corner. Other remarkable attractions are the Flower Garden, Stairway to Heaven and the Cactus Garden. However, there is much more to see apart from these.

Venus Garden of Oedo Island - 비너스가든
Venus Garden - 비너스가든

Hill of Love of Oedo Island - 사랑의 언덕
Hill of Love - 사랑의 언덕

Eden Church of Oedo Island - 에덴교회
Eden Church - 에덴교회

Breakwater & Lighthouse of Hope - Oedo Island 방파제 & 소망의 등대
Breakwater & Lighthouse of Hope - 방파제 & 소망의 등대

On the island you can also find an ice cream kiosk during the summer, a cafe which is very busy, and a small gift shop where you can stop on your way back.


Oedo Botania is accessible only by ferry from Geoje island. However, you can take the ferry from several departure points of Geoje.

Ferry on the way to Oedo Botania -

You'll find a list of departure docks below, along with links to their websites for detailed information and booking options. Alternatively, the Oedo Botania website offers comprehensive guidance. You can check the most convenient dock for your trip, with online booking available.

You can book only a roundtrip to Oedo Island. Booking a round-trip package means your journey starts and ends at the same point. Normally, the packages include a bonus view of the stunning Haegeumgang Island from the ferry. The ride is about 30 minutes, and you'll have around 3 hours to soak in Oedo's beauty. Remember, you'll return on the same ferry, so keep track of its name and any instructions.

My trip started from Wahyeon Dock, conveniently near my stay at Wahyeon Beach. After booking the ferry online, I purchased my Oedo entry ticket at a dockside office and filled out a quick contact form, mandatory before getting on the boat. The ferry ride lasted for about 30 minutes, during which passengers headed up to the roof to feed the seagulls. It's an exciting, yet scary experience as countless seagulls were literally flying over my head - definitely a memorable part of the trip!


Remember, you'll need two separate tickets for the ferry and island entry. The ferry round-trip ticket is around 20.000 won. Oedo Island's opening hours vary by season:

- Summer season: 8:00 am~7:00 pm - Winter season:  8:30 am~5:00 pm

Oedo Island ticket price: (adult) 11.000 won; (children) 5.000 won

You cannot drink, smoke or bring food to the island. It's also prohibited to collect anything from the island (leaves, flowers, plants, etc..).


• Be sure to follow all information given on the booking site • Arrive at the dock at least 30 minutes before your ferry departure time

• Best to go early morning, because the island will be crowded, especially during peak hours • The time is not enough to explore the entire island, take pictures, and relax at the cafe. So make sure to check the time, and don't miss the boat back

• Bring water with you • Apply sunscreen / take an uv protective umbrella / portable fan during summer because the sun will be very strong and it will be extremely hot

Oedo Botania isn't just a heaven for nature lovers, but it's also a photographer's paradise, making it an essential destination for anyone visiting South Korea. I'm sure that visiting Oedo Island will be an unforgettable experience for anyone, just like it was for me!

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