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Puglia: What To See in Ostuni, The "White City"

Updated: Feb 24

Planning a trip to the Southern part of Italy? Then you should definitely not miss out on Ostuni, the 'White City' in Puglia!

Ostuni alley

Ostuni is a charming town located in the middle of the Puglia region. This cute town boasts an amazing and picturesque view of white walls and whitewashed houses. It's like a beautiful picture when you look at it from below.

I happened to stop in Ostuni on a quick road trip around Puglia in January. I only had a few hours in the afternoon, and even though the weather wasn't great, I really liked this little town.

The easiest way to get around in Puglia is by driving. I parked my car at the public parking lot (nearby the Madonna del Carmine church (one of the closest parking lot where you can admire the city from the bottom), and guess what I found? A Ferris Wheel! Now, I'm not a fan of heights, but I thought, why not? And I was right - the view was awesome!

Ostuni, the White City, la Città Bianca
Ostuni (view from the ferris wheel)

The photo above was taken during sunset, but it's beautiful at any time of the day!

Walking around the city center, you'll see narrow streets with old pretty buildings, all painted white. It's like a fairy tale. Even in just a short visit, you can't help but fall in love with Ostuni. The city center is not very big so if you want to fully enjoy, explore the town, shop and take photos all around, then I recommend spending one day in the city.

The best time to go is in spring or summer. Sadly, I went in winter, and the weather was a letdown (but maybe I'm just unlucky, because I always end up catching the day with the worst weather!) But if you visit on a sunny day, you might need sunglasses because of all the bright white buildings!

Some of the places I visited in Ostuni:

Chiesa Madonna del Carmine (Ostuni)
Madonna del Carmine Church

This church is located at the bottom of the city center of Ostuni. Nearby there is the parking lot I mentioned above, where you'll find the ferris wheel. After passing by this church you just have to walk up the hill to get to the city center, and you'll see Piazza della Libertà (Plaza of Liberty).

Stunning architecture everywhere!

The pictures were taken in Piazza della Libertà. The first picture shows the Church of San Francesco d'Assisi. The church was built in 1304, initially in Gothic style, underwent renovations in the 17th, and 18th century, transitioning into a more elaborate design. Right next to it there is a civic palace. And in the plaza there is also a Baroque obelisk (photo on the right), dating back to 1771. It was built to honor Sant'Oronzo for saving the city from the plague.

The arch, built in Baroque style, is situated in front of the Cathedral of Ostuni. It was originally a wooden bridge, then rebuilt in stone in 1750. It has a distinctive and contrasting color compared to the white buildings of Ostuni. Right next to the arch there is a cafè with outside seats. It's the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of architecture and relax!

You'll find something beautiful in every corner!

So, if you're up for a charming adventure, give Ostuni a try. It's a town that steals your heart, no matter when you visit.

Happy travels!

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