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Explore South Korea's Hidden Paradise: Travel Guide to Boseong Green Tea Plantation

Updated: Feb 28

Ready to explore South Korea's hidden paradise: Boseong Green Tea Plantation?

Daehan Dawon Plantation
Daehan Dawon Plantation

Now, let's dive into the stunning Green Tea Fields of Boseong! Boseong is South Korea's top spot for green tea, and the biggest plantation is Daehan Dawon Plantation (대한다원 녹차밭), which is where I went.

I visited in early August, amidst scorching temperatures reaching 39 degrees Celsius. Despite the intense heat, the Green Tea Fields were a vibrant green and absolutely breathtaking. Even if you're not a green tea enthusiast, you'll still be amazed by the beauty of the landscape. Now, I have to say that I did not make the perfect choice by going at the beginning of August because it was the hottest week in Korea, and I barely survived in 39 degrees. Buuut, it was so worth it to go! Apart from the heat, the weather was beautifully sunny, and the fields were breathtaking.

While the timing might not have been ideal because it was the hottest week in South Korea, the beauty of the landscape made the journey worthwhile!

Traveling all the way to a Green Tea Plantation is probably something that green tea lovers will absolutely enjoy. But, regardless of whether you're a green tea enthusiast or not, the green fields scenery is bound to leave you awestruck, and you'll be amazed by the unique experience.

Daehan Dawon Plantation (대한다원 녹차밭)

Daehan Dawon is the oldest, largest, and most famous green tea plantation in Boseong. This plantation is open all year round, and it's green through every season. However, the best time to visit is in spring when everything is lush green and the weather is also warm. I recommend visiting during spring, or if you like snowy views, you might be lucky enough to find white coated green fields during winter!

The admission ticket is around 4,000 won, and as soon as you enter, you'll walk through a path lined with tall cedar trees. At the end of this path, before heading up to the fields, you'll find a souvenir shop, a cafè selling delicious green tea ice cream, and a small refreshing stream where you can cool off during hot summer days. It’s better to stop at the souvenir shop on the way down, because you’ll have to come down the same way, so no need to carry souvenirs with you. The souvenir shop has all kind of green tea products and cute souvenirs of Boseong. I bought instant green tea latte, and a few cute green tea fields decorated folders.

If you’re visiting in a hot summer day (like I did), dipping your feet in the stream will truly save you from melting down in the hot and humid weather. You’ll have to hike a bit to get to the plantation's top observatory, so you'll be grateful for it on your way back down!

When you pass the cafe, you’ll see the beginning of the green tea plantation. In the middle, there's a stairs path (the easiest route), and on the right side, there's a walking path. I took the stairs because it was the recommended path, and also because I wanted to take pictures from there. As you go up you'll come across a few decks with benches where you can rest and take pictures. If you’re a camera addict, it may take you forever to get to the top because you’ll probably find yourself taking hundreds of pictures in every spot!

As you continue your hike, you'll come across signs leading to the ocean observatory. Visiting on a hot day, might make the hike seem hard, but it’s not as bad if the weather is not super hot. The ocean view from the ocean observatory was really beautiful. Plus, if you decide to go to the top, you’ll have the chance to view the beautiful plantation from different viewpoints. The more you go up, the more stunning the views become.

Daehan Dawon Plantation

Finally made it to the top!

Daehan Dawon Plantation Ocean Observatory

To go down you can either choose the same route you took to come up or continue following the path, which is what I did. Honestly, I recommend to just following the path because the road can be step or slippery if you take it to go down.

When I got down I stopped at the stream, sat down, and dipped my feet into the cold water. It was so cold that I almost got a brain freeze, but the refreshing feeling was worth it.

After resting for a bit I went to the souvenir shop, and then I moved on to my next destination on the list: 초록잎이펼치는세상.

초록잎이펼치는세상 Cafe

The cafe is not very far from the plantation. I went by car, so I am not sure if it can be reached by walking or bus. It’s better to double-check. However, if you visit the Daehan Dawon Fields, it’s a must-see! The cafe, though small, has two terraces where you can take perfect shots. The green tea ice cream and cookies are really yummy, and the view is absolutely breathtaking. From the terrace, you’ll see the view of another beautiful plantation. I was honestly really happy I went there.

View from the cafe terrace
View from the lower terrace

Getting to Boseong

Seoul Express Bus Terminal (서울고속버스터미널) → Boseong (보성): There are currently two buses to Boseong (08:40; 15:10). It takes about 5 hours to arrive in Boseong (Check on Kobus)

• Busan Sasang Terminal (서부산터미널) → Boseong (보성): There are four buses leaving for Boseong (07:05; 10:05; 13:30; 16:35), and it takes about 4 hours (Check on Bustago)

From Boseong Bus Terminal to Daehan Dawon Plantation, you can either take the bus or taxi. There are quite a few buses going to the Plantations, so it should not be difficult to get there. You can check either on Naver once you get there, or here. Additional Tips if you're going in the summer:

• Bring lots of water

• Wear hats and/or uv protective umbrella + sunscreen

• Take mosquito repellant spray with you

• Must-try all the ice cream you can!

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