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Pohang Best Attractions - Discover Essential Stops and Insider Tips

Are you ready to explore Pohang's best attractions?

Welcome to Pohang! This seaside city is nestled along South Korea's captivating eastern coastline, just an hour away from Busan, offering beautiful coastal views and a variety of cultural and touristic attractions waiting to be explored. The touristic and coastal locations make it the perfect place to visit during the spring and summer months! Plus, for K-drama lovers, Pohang it's the very backdrop that brought ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ to life in 2021.

Let's dive into the magic of Pohang's best attractions!

Photo of me in Pohang - Hands of Harmony at Homigot Sunrise Square
Hands of Harmony

What to do in Pohang - One-Day Essential Guide

I went to Pohang in early August, and I had a lot of places on my list to see. But when I got there, I found it tough to visit more than three spots. The weather was scorching, and the traffic was heavier than I though, so I couldn’t cover everything I wanted to.

Hands of Harmony at Homigot Sunrise Square (호미곶 해맞이광장)

Photo of Hands of Harmony at Homigot Sunrise Square - hand in the sea Pohang
Hands of Harmony

Homigot, located in Pohang, is described as the 'tail of the tiger', since the Korean peninsula resembles the shape of a tiger! Tigers traditionally symbolize strength and power, they are creatures that protect humans from evil spirits. Homigot marks the spot where the first sun rises in Korea, with so many people gathering here to watch the first sunrise of the year.

As soon as you enter the square, you will see the ‘Hands of Harmony’, two bronze sculptures shaped like a pair of hands. They became a symbol of the sunrise festival held every New Year’s Day in Pohang. The two hands face each other - one on land, and the other in the ocean - the sculpture named ‘Sangsaeng’ (상생), means coexistence in Korean. It symbolizes harmony and unity, encouraging people to support each other.

At the sunrise square you can find a variety of attractions and facilities, including the Homigot Lighthouse, the Lighthouse Museum, a few cafes, and a large souvenir shop.

While I only caught a glimpse of the Homigot village from the bus, it seemed quite charming! Though there might not be much to see, it felt like the perfect place to spend a few days away from a busy city life. There are lots of pensions, beautiful and clean beaches with clear blue water. I wish I had known about it sooner! I would have loved to spend a couple of days there!

Space Walk (스페이스워크) 

Space Walk in Pohang, South Korea
Space Walk

The Space Walk may resembles a roller coaster, but it’s actually a walkable art installation. It’s located on top of the hill of Hwanho Park, and admission is free. Measuring 333 meters in length and 25 meter above the ground, this walk gives panoramic views of Pohang and the sea below.

After entering and climbing up the initial flight of stairs, you’ll have two paths to choose from. One is easier, while the other one is steeper. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for the steeper path.

I visited on a weekend afternoon and found it quite crowded. If you have a fear of heights and shaky things, I'd advice against climbing it. I’m usually not scared, so I thought it would be fine, but after walking up the stairs for a while (the easier path), it got too shaky for me and I decided to go back down. The stairs were too shaky, especially with many people walking up at the same time. Perhaps visiting during the week would be better since it will be less crowded, and you’ll also have more opportunities to stop on the stairs and take pictures without people walking in front of your camera. Even though I was a bit shaking too, I managed to capture some pretty shots! I regret not making it to the top, as I'm sure the view would have been breathtaking!

When it gets dark, the Spacewalk lights up with led lights. (I'll make sure to capture it at night next time!)

View from the Space Walk in Pohang, South Korea
Space Walk

Space Walk Info:

• Free Admission

• Opening times vary depending on the month and day of the week, typically opening around 10 am and closing in the late afternoon. While it’s closed on the first Monday of every month.

• Always check Naver maps, or the Space Walk website for detailed info!

Yeongildae Observatory (영일대전망대)

Photo of Yeongildae Observatory at Yeongildae Beach, Pohang
Yeongildae Observatory

Yeongildae Observatory is located on Yeongildae Beach in Pohang. The observatory, a two-story pavilion built in traditional style, is accessible through a charming bridge. From the observatory, you can see the sea and its surrounding area. On the second floor of the pavilion, there are benches and an open view. I visited just before sunset, and the golden light reflected on the wooden pavilion was simply beautiful and magical! Many visitors were just sitting there, enjoying the cool breeze on a hot summer day. I must say that these pavilions are amazing for taking shade from the sun.

After exploring Yeongildae Observatory, I took a walk along Yeongildae Beach. As Pohang's most popular beach, it's ideal for families and friends. You'll find many cafes and endless seafood restaurant options!

Yeongildae Observatory - Inside the Pavilion
Yeongildae Observatory

Explore More of Pohang's Hidden Gems:

  • Igari Anchor Observatory (이가리 닻 전망대)

  • Bogyeongsa Temple (보경사)

  • Hometown Cha Cha Cha filming locations (I will make a separate post after visiting!)

Cafes with sea view:

  • Cafe Nest Co. (네스트 코퍼레이션)

  • Cafe Odoli Odosi (오도리오도시)

  • Oh! Bremen (오브레멘)

How to get to Pohang?

It’s easy to get to Pohang from any city of South Korea. You can opt for either the train or the bus.

Seoul → Pohang: If you’re coming from Seoul, you can either take the KTX from Seoul Station, which runs every hour, or the bus from the Express Bus Terminal, which also runs every hour.

Busan → Pohang: If you're coming from Busan like me, you can take the bus from either Busan Dongbu Terminal or the Sasang Terminal, which is very convenient. There are usually two buses every hour, and it only takes an hour and a half.

Once you arrive in Pohang, you can easily get around by bus or taxi/car.

Where to Book Bus/Train Tickets:

Online booking is available, however, some online booking platforms may not accept international cards, so you can easily purchase the tickets at the station/terminal.

Here are some recommended booking sites:

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