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Top Things to do in Namhae, South Korea

Updated: Jun 26

Unveiling the Top Things to Do in Namhae, South Korea.

Boriam Hermitage (보리암)
Boriam Hermitage (보리암)

Are you familiar with Namhae? Located in South Gyeongsang Province, Namhae-gun is the perfect place for a relaxing and peaceful weekend. Nestled along South Korea's southern coast, Namhae boasts stunning landscapes including picturesque beaches, lush green hills, and breathtaking mountains with ocean views.

Namhae has been on my bucket list for over one year, and I finally got the chance to spend a weekend there at the beginning of summer. Although, I couldn't visit all the places I wanted to, I managed to experience the top attractions, which I'm excited to share with you!


Gacheon Daraengi Village (가천 다랭이마을)
Gacheon Daraengi Village (가천 다랭이마을)

Daraengi Village is a must-visit for its stunning rice terraces carved into the hillsides overlooking the sea. You can wander through the terraces on various trails and explore the village's hidden cafes and restaurants with beautiful views!

Address: 840-2 Honghyeon-ri Nam-myeon Namhae-gun Gyeongsangnam-do

(경남 남해군 남면 남면로 702 다랭이마을 제 1주차장)

2. German Village (남해 독일마을)

German Village (남해 독일마을)
German Village (남해 독일마을)

Step into Germany at the German Village in Namhae! Here you'll find colorful houses with steep roofs made of clay. You can enjoy authentic German food at the cafes and restaurants inside the village while soaking in the picturesque views. There are also many pensions in German style!

Address: 1074-2 Mulgeon-ri Samdong-myeon Namhae-gun Gyeongsangnam-do

(경남 남해군 삼동면 물건리 1074-2)

3. Boriam Hermitage (보리암)

Boriam Hermitage (보리암)
Boriam Hermitage (보리암)

Boriam Hermitage, located on top of Geumsan Mountain, is one of South Korea's most famous and beautiful temples. Known for its stunning sunrise views, the temple offers breathtaking views throughout the day. There are also various hiking trails to explore.

It's an absolutely must-visit place!

Fee: Entrance fee is 1,000 won.

Address (ticket office): 586 Idong-myeon Namhae-gun Gyeongsangnam-do (경남 남해군 보리암로 586 116-2)

Yangmartre Hill Sheep Ranch (남해양떼목장 양마르뜨언덕)
Yangmartre Hill Sheep Ranch (남해양떼목장 양마르뜨언덕)

Discover one of the most charming activities ever! Yangmartre Hill Sheep Ranch (check my post for more info!) is the ultimate destination to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy feeding adorable sheep. It's a perfect activity for anyone seeking a memorable experience!

Fee: The admission fee includes a basket of grass. - admission fee for kids until elementary school: 4,000 won

- admission fee for middle school kids-adults: 5,000 won *you can buy additional food: carrots for 2,000 won

Address: 1311 Bonghwa-ri Samdong-myeon Namhae-gun Gyeongsangnam-do

(경남 남해군 삼동면 금암로 179-45)

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